Acting Workshops for Adults include: Improvisation, Short Scripts, Scene Examination and Vocal Exercises.

You will be encouraged to explore your own natural traits, uniqueness and draw on your own experiences and reflect on the question Who am I?


You will be guided to develop your spontaneity and reaction tapping into your imagination. This fun class will give you insight into building a character and aims to develop your sense of responsiveness and naturalness. You will gain valuable insight into the audition process, the aim being to demystify the process so with practise you can grow in confidence.


Workshops are led in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment with industry relevant content.


Past students on this course have had audition opportunities and some have even booked jobs. Although this is not the goal of this class, it demonstrates how performers can be ready for the opportunity and having never had any experience before get the helpful advice and pointers that lead to actually booking jobs!  In the final class you will be given useful leads and industry advice should you wish to pursue acting further.


Why is the class called Introduction to Acting?

Regardless of experience, all Actors taking part in Belfast Talent Acting Classes (Unless it is a one off Masterclass - and is advertised as open to everyone) start at the Introductory Level Acting Class. This is not to undervalue any previous training, experience or work that participants have already undertaken - if any. Experience is not necessary at all.


Performers start together on a level playing field in order to enjoy the experience of working with a new group and have time to get to know Diane's style. This can then be built upon if participants choose to move into further classes in following terms by giving them key reference points to draw from.


What sort of people go to the class?

The type of people who attend these classes come from all generations and walks of life.

The age range is wide, life experience, and occupations very varied. The one thing they have in common is the curiosity to find out more about Acting and themselves as an Actor. Many love film, television and theatre, some have aspirations to work professionally in the industry. Some are Theatre and Film Students keen to practise their skills and pick up industry tips. Others may be coming to class to build confidence, maybe they find public speaking at work very daunting, others are taking up a new hobby and look forward to making a new circle of friends. People always seem to be very concerned with “Age Range” and the “Type” of people who are in class - although that is an unknown until the people arrive at the first class, historically ages have been very varied and it's such a bonus for participants to get to work with a wide age range from 20ʼs to 60ʼs.

Class members are usually a bit like like yourself!


Is there a performance at the end?

No there isnʼt a performance at the end it is a pretty jam packed hour as it is! Students who return to the relevant subsequent Belfast Talent Acting Workshops where available can enjoy taking part in future Showings & Presentations. You are always welcome to come along to any of these performances or sharings look out for updates on the website and facebook.


Do I get a qualification?

No. Class terms usually last between 7 weeks and 10 weeks. This is a introductory class, you may want to go on to further formal training and explore further education in this field in order to gain qualifications.





Interested in Acting?

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